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What Makes Coyuchi Linen So Exceptional?

Linen in any form is a uniquely earth-friendly fiber because flax — the plant from which it’s made — is an inherently eco-conscious crop. Hardy and pest-resistant, flax needs very little in the way of fertilizers and chemicals to thrive, and little to no irrigation during growth.

Fewer chemicals and fertilizers? Great! But this is Coyuchi, where we settle for nothing less than certifiably organic. Truly organic linen is exceptionally rare — making up less than 1% of the world's already limited supply. The flax industry is small to begin with, making up only a tiny percentage of a farm’s overall output. Because flax can only be planted on the same land once every seven years, the farms from which our organic flax is sourced raise other crops as well, rotating them through their fields with each new growing season. In order for each flax harvest to be certified organic, this means that ALL crops grown on this land must be certified organic as well.

illustration of flax plant

So, by making the commitment to organic for our Linen Napkins, Linen Sheets, Linen Duvets, Linen Blankets, and Linen Minimalist Sets — plus other products to come — we're also supporting the same farmers who grow organic food. It's a bit more expensive, but it's healthier for the soil and leads to increased biodiversity. Plus, as organic farms thrive, their success makes a compelling case for other farms to ditch the toxic chemicals, too.

Knowing our commitment to organic linen may help to bring positive change to an entire agricultural system makes the challenges and expense worthwhile. Plus, our organic linen is luxuriously comfortable and temperature regulating. 

Love For The Long Term

Let me start by sharing how much I’ve always loved linen. I’m not sure when the fascination started, maybe setting the table for my mom and choosing from her trove of perfectly pressed, heirloom Irish linen tablecloths and napkins. In a former life, I had the pleasure of visiting Baird McNutt’s mill in Ireland, followed by a trip to Italy where I slept on these amazing sheets and had beautiful jacquard flat weave towels in the bath. All were perfectly pressed, yet so soft and comfortable, and they were linen!” 

From the words of our own Eileen Mockus, Coyuchi’s CEO and long-time linen lover, this unique fiber has always held a special place in her heart and home. Beginning in 2010, this soft spot has translated to a beautiful assortment of Coyuchi linen products, and the introduction of our first-of-their-kind organic linen sheets and duvets in 2017. Throughout Eileen’s years of experience in fabric development, vintage linen tablecloths, garments, and fabrics have served as the inspiration for how Coyuchi's linen should feel.

Organic Linen On Tour

Over the years, Eileen has fostered a close relationship with Coyuchi’s linen suppliers in Europe. Her recent journey through linen country explores the full cycle of production — from organic fields to mindful manufacturing — telling the story of our organic linen and everywhere it’s been before it comes home.

It All Begins with Terre de Lin

We visited Terre de Lin in Pierre Le Viger, France, with a stop at the beautiful beaches of Trouville-sur-Mer and Deauville. The countryside, the homes, the winding roads were inspiring enough, and then we got our education on growing and harvesting linen.” - Eileen 

Terre de Lin shared some statistics that outline just how special linen is: Terre de Lin has 650 farmers working within the cooperative (that’s 15,000 ha of flax). The production of organic flax in Terre de Lin represents less than 1% of their whole production. Europe produces 80% of the world’s flax  (130/140,000t of scutched flax annually), with 80% of that percentage grown in France, and 50% of French production taking place in Normandy.  

field with freshly pulled flax plants
Freshly pulled flax plants; the retting process begins.

Next Stop: BeStitch in Guimaraes, Portugal

Our highest-grade organic linen now moves onward to BeStitch in Guimaraes, Portugal to be woven, cut, and sewn. Coyuchi’s linen collection is defined by its top-of-the-line weight, clocking in at a hardy 185 gsm (grams per square meter). Linen gets stronger and softer the more you wash it, so we made ours heavier than most to maintain a higher standard of quality and durability over years of wash and wear.

Plus, the extra weight stands up to our signature garment washing. We call it a garment wash, but it’s really a sheet wash, where the entire sheet set is washed in a commercial washer and dryer, just like all your favorite jeans. This process gets us closer to the feel of those vintage linens that got us hooked on linen in the first place.

Farm to Forever Home

There’s a transformation that’s starting to happen in the formulation of our amazing linen sheets. Grapes to wine, milk to cheese, and fiber to fabric. It starts with great land, a solid crop, and some creativity along the way to bring the finest things to your home.” - Eileen

Coyuchi’s linen collection is uniquely organic, long-lasting, and exceptionally comfortable. Linen stands out for its extraordinary temperature-regulating properties, keeping you five times warmer than wool — and nineteen times warmer than silk. But its natural insulation also means that it keeps warm sleepers cool on humid nights, thanks to its superior adaptability to changes in body heat. Hot? Cold? Linen maintains constant comfort in any climate.

And because it’s GOTS-certified organic, Coyuchi linen is particularly kind to sensitive skin, so those with allergies or skin conditions will notice the immediate benefits. Sleep better because you’re sublimely comfortable... and because you know where your bedding has been.

white linens on a bed

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