Flannel Sheet Set

Flakes Stripes - Double Brushed Flannel Sheets


100% Cotton + Cozy, warm and weighty Ultra-soft yet breathable, flannel sheets are made from a woven fabric that's brushed to make the surface slightly fuzzy that are easy to...

Red Vine - Double Brushed Flannel Sheets


100% Cotton + Cozy, warm and weighty Ultra-soft yet breathable, flannel sheets are made from a woven fabric that's brushed to make the surface slightly fuzzy that are easy to...

Comfy and Cozy King Size Flannel Sheets

All we want to do now that winter has arrived and the chilly weather has set in is cuddle up and get warm. That is why, during the colder months, flannel sheets are so popular; they are so soft and warm. However, if our soft flannel sheets aren't properly cared for, they might become harsh and lose their charm.

EnvioHome wants to make sure your king size flannel sheets stay soft throughout the winter, so keep reading for ideas and methods on how to keep your best flannel sheets comfortable and snug while avoiding them getting tough on the skin!

The first time you decide to wash your king size flannel sheets, wash them with one-half cup of white vinegar. This will help prevent the fibers from pilling and forming on the sheets. Also, it helps set the color of the fabric to avoid fading.

  • Always wash your sheets in warm water rather than hot water. Shrinkage is aided by hot water, which can lessen the material's suppleness. Fabric softener should be avoided, despite the fact that it may appear paradoxical. 
  • Cloth softener leaves chemicals on the fibers of the fabric, stiffening them and reducing softness over time.
  •  It can also make pilled fibers appear more prominent.
  •  Instead of using a softener, toss tennis balls in with your sheets in the dryer. This may seem strange, but the movement of the tennis balls prevents the cloth from clumping and rubbing together.
  • However, air-drying the sheets is preferable to using a dryer. This reduces the likelihood of pilling and prevents excessive wear on the bedding.

You're missing out if you don't have flannel sheets.

Here are the best king size flannel sheets for a warm and inviting bed. So it snowed today… are you guys ready?! It may not officially be winter on the calendar but as soon as it snows it’s winter here in my books.

I got all my little kiddos' winter gear out including coats, hats, gloves, and of course all of our down comforters, and gave them all a good wash. 

Whatever we have to do to stay warm – am I right?! I don’t know what it is about colder weather that makes me obsessed with making everything super cozy – but seriously bring on everything soft, plush, and fluffy!

A glance at its history

The flannel fabric has been a wintertime go-to since the 1500s, thanks to its distinct fuzzy feel and rustic look. However, the world of bedding has evolved significantly since then, and if you're looking for flannel bed sheets and don't know where to begin, you've come to the perfect place.

So grab a cup of hot cocoa and get comfortable because I'm about to reveal to you my top four favorite king size flannel sheets on the market! And this guide isn't only about my personal experience testing these sheet sets; I'll also show you my personal flannel sheet purchasing process so you have all the information you need to discover the best flannel sheets.

What's the difference between fleece and flannel sheets?

Flannel is a loosely woven, brushed fabric that feels lightweight and smooth against the skin. It's typically manufactured from cotton. Fleece, on the other hand, is a knit fabric comprised primarily of synthetic elements such as polyester.

Fleece is formed by wrapping threads around one another, resulting in a thicker fabric. It may feel warmer since it traps heat efficiently, but it won't regulate your temperature, causing you to overheat.

Flannel, on the other hand, is manufactured without the extra threads and has a loose weave that allows excess heat to escape.

What makes EnvioHome flannel different?

Not all flannel is the same! Our hunt for the best flannel led us to the United States, where we collaborated closely with our manufacturing partners to create the next generation of cotton flannel. We started with 100% organic open-ended cotton thread.

The thread is spun in such a way that the cotton fibers appear "hairy." After the sheets have been weaved and sewed, they are brushed to uniformly exaggerate the hairy fibers, giving them that velvety flannel feel. This distinguishes flannel from typical cotton sheets, which have smooth, homogeneous threads.

Features of king-size flannel sheets in our collection

Overall, the key to keeping king size best flannel sheets supple and comfortable is to avoid abuse and wear. The softer your linens are, the more delicate and straightforward your cleaning process is.

If you have any questions or need assistance this year keeping your linens soft, contact the specialists at EnvioHome! Visit us today or send us an email.


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