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Charcoal - Cotton Jersey Bed Sheet Set


Jersey sheet sets are knitted with a soft, breathable 100% cotton for ultimate sleep comfort. Jersey knit fabric is warm, flexible, and insulating. 50 GSM fabric is perfect for any...

Jersey Sheet Set for a good night's sleep

Although you can now buy beautiful bed sheets made of a variety of materials, including polyester, rayon, linen, silk, and mixes, the most popular bedding fabric is still 100 percent pure cotton. It's soft, breathable, and long-lasting, and it feels great against your skin.

An amazing feel on your skin

A decent set of the jersey sheet set is an important aspect of getting a good night's sleep. The finest selections are breathable, keeping you comfortable on hot summer evenings while yet providing insulation in the cold.

Sheets come into contact with your skin more than nearly any other fabric, so having a decent set is essential for feeling and sleeping well.

The cotton sheet sets for extra breath

The jersey sheet set collection from EnvioHome is very breathable, thanks to the crisp, cold percale that wicks perspiration away from our bodies on hot evenings. They scarcely wrinkled in the dryer, and they looked fresh and ready for our bed right out of it.

The EnvioHome offers a snugger fit on the bed than other sheets we tested, thanks to its broader than typical elastic around the fitted sheet's edge.

Jersey sheet sets for summer

Sheets are ideal for hot sleepers or those who prefer to have a blanket in summer and these sheets let you sleep without getting overheated. The Jersey sheet set is a little less silky than the silk sheets, and the fabric is a little lighter and airier.

EnvioHomes jersey sheet set is colder to the touch, lighter, and sharper as a result of this impact. While the fabric will soften with use and these sheets are a very must to have at the night for soft and peaceful sleep.

Benefits of the high-quality jersey sheet set

A history of beauty and versatility Luxury bed linens are traditionally made of high-quality cotton. Cotton sheets, on the other hand, have a lot to offer. Cotton is a plant-based fabric, and Egyptian cotton is usually regarded as the best on the planet due to the region's peculiar climatic conditions.

Pima cotton cultivated in the United States, on the other hand, is of a higher grade. Percale and sateen weaves are common in luxury cotton bedding. The cool, crisp, and breathable weave of percale are great for summertime or cool sleepers; this cotton sheet set is frequently used in premium hotel bedding.

 Sateen weave is softer, thicker, and smoother to the touch; noted for their warmth and elegant drape, sateen sheets are great for wintertime. 

High-quality jersey sheet set

The Jersey sheet set is both comfy and long-lasting, so you can expect to sleep on them for a long time. During the last five years. Sheets of higher quality will endure longer, and tighter weaving will resist unraveling. Washing your sheets weakens the fibers, and machine drying them adds heat and friction, causing them to deteriorate even more. 

When your sheets, whether cotton or not, get discolored, frayed, or faded, it's a good idea to change them. Some individuals believe that they need to replace their sheets every year or two, while others believe that their sheets may last five, ten, or even fifteen years, depending on usage.

What is thread count?

Thread count represents the number of threads per square inch of fabric, and it is only relevant when the sheets are made entirely of cotton. In our tests, the top performers are usually in the 300-500 range.

What are the care instructions for the cotton jersey sheet set?

The cotton jersey sheet set is machine washable, there is typically no extra care required, however certain sets do require gentle cycles or cold water washing. Warm water is excellent for washing cotton sheets, particularly if you sleep hot or don't wash them frequently.

Can we use a jersey sheet set in winter?

Yes, a little heavier in weight and you are good to go for the winters you can sleep in pure cotton sheet sets which will give you a cozy and comfortable sleep.

Why jersey sheet set is best for summers?

Because of its mix of breathability and moisture-wicking, most cotton sheet sets are excellent at regulating temperature. Natural fibers from the cotton plant are used in this traditional alternative. It's light enough to keep you cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. The sheets that result are often soft, long-lasting, and simple to care for.

What sizes do the jersey sheet sets come in?

It comes in sizes from:

  •       King
  •       Queen
  •       Single
  •       Double
  •       Twin

Get these amazing jersey sheet sets from EnvioHome and feel the softness of the pure cotton on your skin and sleep peacefully with EnvioHome the quality is top-notch at a very reasonable price from the market. 

The cotton jersey sheet sets are very pure in nature so they are very good for those with sensitive skin it would be great for people with any kind of allergy to get your favorite cotton skin sheet sets from EnvioHome.

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