Those exquisite Quilted Bedspreads are the right cover weight for maximum seasons, as they are made using the greatest first-class more lengthy staple cotton. In a modern home, the cotton quilt set would make a stunning statement. In a cotton tone, this quilt features a traditional quilted fashion artwork deco-inspired created to fit any home. This lovely cotton quilt may be paired with a variety of pillows and rugs to create a stunning look.

Relax and comfortable cotton  

Our stonewashed cotton is relaxed and comfortable, with a great textured feel, and is high-quality and sensitive to the touch. Perfect for all twelve months of the year.

Key Features

  • 100 percent herbal cotton  
  • Softens with each wash 
  • Machine washable and easy to care for 
  • A great choice for hypersensitive response sufferers 
  • Great for all year use
  • Provide Ease

Composition and materials

Made of pre-washed cotton material for enhanced durability and less shrinking. The microfiber quilts is relaxed and comfy, and it comes in a variety of stunning colors for announcement style. The soft cotton material has a pleasant texture and provides good ventilation throughout the year. Pre-washed soft cotton in beautiful stonewash colors for year-round comfort. 

The coloring that isn't chemically based

Our cotton sheets are dye-free and contain no additional chemicals. One color, with any other on the horizon, all finished with herbal cotton. The sheets won't fade in the wash and the color won't rub off like cheaper cotton blends because there's no dye or coloring.


We're on a mission to ensure that our Target products pass the test of everyday life. As a result, quality cotton quilt is snug enough to withstand practically any life experience. 

Extra moisture is absorbed

Cotton sheets absorb sweat moisture without keeping germs and microorganisms that cause mold, hypersensitivity reactions, and illness. With this strategy, you'll wake up feeling fresh and dry every day, and you'll want to clean your sheets less regularly.

Pollutants are removed from the body

The herbal cleansing properties of embedded cotton nanoparticles start to work while you sleep, soaking up toxins from your body. The pure quilt set cloth keeps your sheets gleaming longer while also cleansing your pores and skin as you sleep.

Removes odor

Removes smells cotton absorbs odor-causing particles, leaving your sheets feeling fresh. You don't want to use excessive amounts of detergent to remove odors, which is an added benefit. Simply wash your linens on a regular, non-bloody cycle, and they'll be ready to use again in no time.

Exceptional results

The mix of cotton and trash is a winning one. Sheets provide significantly better insulation, softness, and durability. When you consider the purifying properties of cotton, it's no surprise that people enjoy the green pleasure of wrapping themselves with cotton.

Guarantee of complete satisfaction

Make your house a home with our cover bedding set, which is suitable for all rooms — kids, girls, adolescents, boys, men's, women's, travel room, visitor room, and so on. Our cotton quilt is a high-priced gift for special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and so on.

Say yes to nature while saying no to chemicals 

Our 100 percent lightweight quilt is both herbal and environmentally friendly. It no longer contains harsh CHEMICALS, making it suitable for people with sensitive skin and children.

Wash interior out. Do no longer bleach or tumble dry. Line dry interior out. Warm iron interior out if required. Do no longer dry clean. While they may cause a lot of gadgets to wash, much less washing is better for the environment.

Easily stains are removed

Stains Remove stains as soon as possible before they become permanent. If you can get to spills while they're still wet, they'll be much easier to remove. Before you use your cleanser on your clothes, check sure it's safe to use.


When not in use, your bedding should be stored in a cool, dry location with plenty of air circulation. Restriction of direct sunlight exposure is especially important for linen bedding. Adding a sachet of lavender or using a linen spray can add a lovely diffused fragrant smell to your bedding, adding to its freshness.

What's the big deal about bamboo cotton?

Cotton appears to be everywhere right now. Bamboo cotton is used in toothbrushes, skincare products, water filters, and even food — and now bamboo cotton mattresses. So, do the health benefits and visibly superior textile first-class explain the popularity boom, or are bamboo cotton sheets just another fad?

What is bamboo cotton, and how does it work?

At Enviohome we create a wide range of bedding sheet sets using bamboo that is 100 percent organic and sustainably sourced. Our low-cost bamboo bedding, bamboo clothes, and eco-friendly home goods are all designed to help families enjoy the benefits of bamboo.

We are brand!

Our cotton variation uses the same beautiful bamboo material that has been infused with cotton nanoparticles. The result is a distinctly chemical loose cloth with all of bamboo's herbal electricity and sturdiness, as well as the added fitness benefits of cotton. As far as we know, no other bedding company produces sheets as good as ours at the same low price. So, come and experience us at Enviohome.