The All-Year Rounder Quilts

If you are looking for high quality quilts that not only provide you with comfort but look luxurious too, you are in the right place. Here at enviohomes we create the finest quality, magnificent quilts having beautiful, elegant and pleasant colors and designs.

cotton quilt set

High Quality

The cotton fabric we use for our cotton quilt set is a very high-quality fabric and the main reason for this is basically the method by which the cotton crop used is harvested.

We don't use conventional methods for harvesting cotton, which includes the mixing of cotton with the oil and seeds of the plant in the harvesting machine. After that, harsh chemicals are used for cleaning and removing other parts of the cotton.

The cotton we use is picked by hand and does not use harsh additives, which, in result, gives a cleaner product. Instead of harsh chemicals, vegetable-based soaps and hot water are used to clean the cotton, preserving its softness and smoothness.


We use 100% pure and natural cotton fiber that makes the woven fabric of the quilts breathable. Our body temperature changes when we fall asleep, and we wake up feeling hot, sticky and sweaty. Cotton has the ability to absorb the heat throughout the entire night from our body, allowing us to feel dry and cool.

Can be used in any season

As cotton makes us feel cooler during summers, it makes us feel warmer during winters. During cold winter nights, our quality quilt set absorbs and retains body heat. The man-made materials do absorb body heat but do not provide natural ventilation as natural fibers, especially cotton, do, making them perfect for any season. That's why we use pure cotton fiber for our quilts.


Our good quality quilt set is not only durable but they are also bio-degradable and are produced through sustainable methods. It is very important to consider the lifespan when choosing your quilts or bedding, and purely natural cotton can last about twice as long as any quilt or bedding made from synthetic material, and so you won't need to replace your bedding very often.

Lighter on your pocket

Our solid cotton quilt and bedding are not only beneficial to the quality of your sleep, but also help you save money in the long run. It may be very tempting for you to buy cheaper synthetic alternatives, as high-quality cotton is more expensive, but cotton quilts are more comfortable and last longer, making them perfect for saving money in the long run.

Soft & comfortable

Bedding or solid cotton quilt is made from natural fibers always feels great on the skin because the fabric has been disposed very little to the harsh chemicals, resulting in a very soft, natural and comfortable experience.

The crispness or softness of the bed sheets or quilts depends on the way the cotton is weaved. Instead of any chemical procedure, we use the weave of the cloth to get the desired density and softness and as a result, the product remains soft, invariably even with regular washing.

Our cotton bedding or quilts wick away the moisture and are very breathable during the night, making you feel more relaxed and our king size comforter sets feel comfort while using them.

Great for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, and are looking for quilts that do not cause you irritation during the whole night, our cotton quilts are perfect for you. Made from 100% cotton, our quilts are naturally hypoallergenic. That means they have a very limited link with allergies and skin problems and won’t cause any irritation or itchiness. Our solid cotton quilt and bedding would give you a comfortable sleep and would enhance the quality of your sleep.

Low maintenance

It is a myth that cotton bed linens and quilts take a lot of time to get maintained. Cotton bed linens and quilts don’t require any hand washing, drying or long hours of ironing. They can be easily washed in a machine, usually at 40 degrees. It is better to wash cotton quilts alone than mix them with other fabrics. This will give a better wash to your quilts and will save overloading of your washing machine too. Don't use any fancy or strong detergents, as they can damage the softness of quilts.

Can cotton quilts be dry-cleaned?

We do not recommend dry cleaning your quilts because the method involves rough whisking of the quilt inside the dry cleaning machine and the dry cleaning solvents may harm the fabric.

Can we wash cotton quilts?

Washing, even when done on a gentle cycle, causes fabrics to fade and is abrasive to fibers. Wash cotton quilts in cold water with a gentle soap by hand or in the machine on a gentle cycle. Do not twist or wring the quilt, just squeeze out the water gently.

Are quilts lighter compared to comforters?

Quilts are flatter and have a more condensed filling, as compared to comforters that are loftier. Quilts are lighter with a thin layer of fill inside and are more comparable to blankets at enviohomes. Because quilts come in a variety of different colors and designs, they are usually used for enhancing a room's decoration.</