Directions to wash and care the linens

Directions to Wash and Care the Linens:

A perfect bedding collection with organic raw material, comfortable and quality material certainly adds to the calmness and beauty of your home as well as sleep. You want to invest in good looking bedding and its beauty urges you to take good care of it. The good quality and longevity of the bedding collection can be ensured through proper care. This will make your investment worthy and well-rested for a long time. Washing is one of the most important steps of care and proper technique to clean your linens can increase their shelf life and ensure the long-lasting beauty of your products.


Bedding necessarily doesn’t need to be washed in hot water for proper cleaning and cold water can do the same magic. The mindset emphasizing using hot water need to be changed as detergents, soaps and other cleaners are designed to work at a lower temperature. High temperature can increase the breakage of cloth fibers and decreases their shelf life. Using cold water can help to increase the integrity of clothes and helps to retain the softness of the cloth. These differences can be observed over time and you will notice that water temperature is essential as well along with water temperature.

We do not appreciate the use of fabric softening agents because of the presence of allergens and toxic chemicals in them. Plant-based detergents can be helpful in maintaining the softness, quality and cleanliness of the bedding. The machine should also wash the linens gently and softly to ensure their integrity. Colored and white linens should be washed separately to avoid any unnecessary coloring.


Free from Fragrances:

Fragrances are the combination of many chemical substances including cancers and endocrine disruptors. Fragrance should be avoided to ensure the best health and avoid problems. According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the fragrance is a trade secret and companies are not required to disclose the formula of fragrance. We care for our customers and our products are free of any chemicals and fragrances.


Air drying of linens is recommended especially under the sun to ensure germ-free fresh linens. It is mesmerizing to see colorful linen blowing in the breeze and drying. Colored Linens should not be dried under the bright sun. We recommend using a tumble dry setting on low and removing your linens after drying is done. If you like to add fragrance to your linens then few drops of essential oil are best in this regard rather than chemical-based fragrances. Creases on sheets can be avoided after drying them in shade or taking less load on the dryer. Iron can be used to remove the creases present on linens after drying. 

Whitening and Bleaching:

In case you need to remove any stain then prefer using non-chlorine bleach. We do not appreciate using whiteners as a bleaching agent as they may result in compromised brilliance of the colors. Moreover, chlorine bleaches can lead to weakening fibers and yellowing of linens over time. It is better to use Peroxide bleach rather than chlorine bleach as it is safe for your linens as well as water supply. Organic spot treatment can be used to lighten the stains and spots.

Peroxide bleach is a much safer alternative for both your bedding and our water supply. Pre-treating items with an organic spot treatment will address many spots and stains, and if applied before the item is put into the laundry, is far more effective than bleach in removing spots and stains.

Enjoy Peaceful Sleep:

We are pretty sure that after properly taking care of your favorite organic linen you will enjoy sound sleep for many years. Encouraging the use of plant-based cleaning and fragrance agents can help in reducing the burden on the earth. Choosing safe products ensures the optimum health and safety of your family members as well as the inhabitants of the earth. We all must put the effort to make this planet a safer, cleaner and healthier place for all.


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