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We've all seen the movies where the hero kicks off his shoes and starfishes down onto a large, cloud-like bed, and we've all envied that blissful moment. The secret is that a truly comfortable bed has to look the part. Isn't it true that you eat with your eyes first? With our ultimate quilt set, you can up your bed game.

The Basics

The first thing to figure out is what size quilt cover you need, which is also the easiest thing to figure out. Fortunately, bed, sheet, and quilt sizes are quite consistent. You can figure out what size quality seersucker quilts you need by comparing the size of your bed to the size of your sheets.

The next item to think about is how your quilt cover opens and how simple it will be to re-insert your quilt. You won't have to wash your quilt cover as often if you sleep with a top sheet than if you sleep euro-style or without one. However, you'll have to wash your quilt cover (on a regular basis) regardless of your bed-making style, and choosing a seersucker quilt set that's easy to fit a quilt inside is a bonus. 

It's also crucial to pick a fabric for your quilt sets. If you have warm blankets and a warm quilt, however, the quilt cover material isn't a deal breaker (unless you live somewhere really, really cold). Even if the material doesn't change and only the colors do, it might be amusing to change your quilt covers with the seasons, which takes us to the following point.

Colors! Patterns! Design! Oh My!

Picking well, all of the above, is the most enjoyable part of choosing your quilt cover!  Because your bed is the focal point of your room, So a new quality quilt sets becomes the new foundation piece for your interior design.

Light colors are always preferred since they make a space appear and feel larger. Light colors, on the other hand, display more grime and stains. Consider the damage that a smear of mascara can do to your pillow if you're currently thinking that you don't get in your bed dirty. Given this, a dark quilt cover would be a better fit for your lifestyle. If you can't decide between light and dark quilt covers, acquire both and switch them out seasonally.

It's also crucial to think about your sheets and how you make your bed when choosing a high quality quilt set design. Do you prefer a subtle difference, a bold color pop, or a completely matched combination when you fold your top sheet over your quilt cover?

If you simply draw up the entire quilt set and hide your sheets, the only thing left to consider is how to coordinate (or not coordinate) your cushions and throws. If you have a bold throw pillow or blanket on your bed, a suitable quilt cover may be preferable, or vice versa.

The most crucial piece of advice for purchasing a quilt cover is to not take the search too seriously. For months, your quilt cover might remain a design cornerstone in your room, or it can be changed out every other month for a fresh look. Do you have a room that is dimly lit and receives little natural light? It's no problem.

 Keep Bedding Simple

When a room is dimly illuminated, it can soon appear claustrophobic. As a result, bedding should not be overly busy, preventing any extra clutter. Bed sheets with decorations or bold prints should be avoided. The trick is to make the bedding mix in with the rest of the room. The simplest method is to stick to one color palette across the space and add pops of color with throw rugs, pillows, brass finishes, and so on.

We'll give you some suggestions for brightening up the space – with the correct kind of bedding. There are still many advantages to having such a place, such as staying cool in the summer and not being disturbed early in the morning. So, let's take use of these advantages and enhance them with a few simple suggestions.


  • Aesthetics: How does the bedding create aesthetic look in your bedroom?
  • Modern quilting: Why are modern quilting methods being more adaptable globally?

Modern quilting:

The internet has fueled the growth of modern quilting as a quilting genre. With the ease of interacting online, the modern quilting community is rapidly expanding.

Modern microfiber quilts concepts encompass a modern aesthetic that includes new quilting designs, patterns, colors, and fabrics. Graphic design and vivid colors will become more prevalent in modern quilting as time goes on.

Quilts can now be purchased alone or as part of a complete quilt cover set with matching pillows. EnvioHome International is one of the leading online shopping stores for quilt cover sets, offering an exciting new selection of quilts in a variety of styles, patterns, colors, and materials.